Considering A Career Change? Retrain As A Locksmith!


If you’re looking for a bit of a career change, and want to take advantage of a career that offers fantastic upside, great pay, and solid career prospects going forward, you’re going to want to consider retraining as a locksmith and we’ve teamed up with MPL Locksmith Training to find out why!

While maybe not quite as romantic a career as a doctor, solicitor, or a professor, the truth of the matter is the locksmith industry is absolutely begging for new professional locksmiths to enter into this career field – and the field in general is paying very, very handsomely.

Not only that, but there are other benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of when you decide to pursue this career opportunity.

We’re going to spend a little bit of time breaking down why you might want to retrain as a locksmith in the future.

Complete and total freedom as your own boss

One of the most attractive reasons to retrain as a professional locksmith is that you will (almost always) have the opportunity to “open up your own shop” right out of the gate and immediately after your initial training is complete.

There usually aren’t small armies of locksmiths all working for one big organization out there, but instead smaller shops that focus on serving local communities with locksmithing services.

This means that you’ll be in charge of your own career, your job prospects, and the income that you pull down each and every year, giving you a tremendous amount of freedom that you may not have enjoyed previously.

The locksmith career prospects are exploding

As mentioned above, there are a lot of locksmith openings in the United Kingdom (as well as globally), which gives this particular industry a tremendous amount of upside for those that are looking to dive headfirst into it.

Rather than having to duke it out with hundreds of thousands of other prospective locksmiths, you’ll find it rather easy to grab gainful employment almost right after your initial training – especially if you decide to step out on your own as your own little shop.

The entry-level pay for new locksmiths is also quite high, and can quickly get into the upper six figures if you are a bit of an entrepreneur and service multiple local areas or even offer 24-hour locksmithing services.

The training isn’t all that rigorous or exhausting (or even that long term), and you should be able to hit the ground running with a proper locksmith shop in less than a year.

The Justification For Acting Ethically As A Business

ethicsWhen it comes to running your business, there’s a whole host of temptations, one of those often being to try and cut corners to boost your own profits, even if this comes at a cost to your clients and customers. Here at NTMTC, we’re strong believers that business should ALWAYS be conducted in nothing less than a completely ethical manner and that, there’s various different ways you can ensure your business is doing your bit and showcasing your ethics to clients and customers alike. We thought we’d take a look at two different situations, both where the business are acting with an ethical sense, just in two very different situations.

1. AngelShare Do Their Bit For Developing Countries

North-East based fair trade gifts retailer, AngelShare, pride themselves in putting 5% of each sale they make into loan funds for developing countries. In their own words, “The angel’s share in distilling is the small amount of liquor which evaporates while the drink is maturing in wooden casks. This is part which the angels have drunk. For every twenty pounds that is spent with us we invest at least one pound in a small business in a developing country. We do that through micro finance loans and when the loans are repaid we reinvest them in further businesses.”

This, as far as we’re concerned, showcases that there is still business out there who aren’t just focussed on profit but are all for helping others to succeed as they do themselves. By giving through micro finance loans to those in developing countries, they’re putting their faith in others to build their businesses. Many in developing countries have the ideas, just not the funds to kick things off!

2. Intel Further Education With The Intel Foundation

Perhaps a controversial one to include here, however were you aware that Intel do their bit for others? Through The Intel Foundation, their aim is to strengthen technological education via the Intel Science Talent Search and the international Science and Engineering Fair, which helps to encourage STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education for young people.

Whilst it’s an entirely different ethical approach to that which AngelShare do, it’s still a fantastic example of a company who are doing their bit for others, using their own initiatives and knowledge to further the education of others within the sector at a young age.

Is Your Business Employing An IT Support Specialist?

Have you ever spent hours trying to sort a problem with your office network which appeared seemingly for absolutely no reason at all? Wasted an entire day trying to get a new piece of hardware working alongside that which has been in place for as long ad you can remember? Haven’t we all? It’s not only annoying but costs businesses thousands of pounds each year in wasted labour. As such, if you find yourself in that position more often than you should, have you considered employing an IT specialist such as Tekserv, who offers IT support in Aberdeen, to handle and resolve these issues for you?
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The Importance Of Your Company Website

You wouldn’t have a badly designed and unattractive shop window feature so why would you have a poorly designed and difficult to navigate website? A website is a companies online shop window and it’s absolutely vital that it looks as great as possible in an attempt to win over customers. In 2012, there’s no doubting the importance of a professionally designed website or e-commerce store and if your website is still one you designed yourself on a few site builder a few years ago then perhaps it’s time for a re-design? We had a chat with Identify Web Design, one of Yorkshire’s leading agencies, about the importance of a great website and how businesses can get a professional looking site starting at just £479.
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Choosing The Right Display Stand For Your Next Event

As a business, presenting yourself in the most professional way possible at all times is paramount to your success, regardless of whether this is in client meetings, at exhibitions and trade shows or any other situation. There’s a lot to be said for a business who takes their image seriously and it ultimately reflects in the clients who they work with and the reputation which they hold. Of course, a great image and reputation doesn’t just come over night, however and it’s something which many businesses need to work hard for years for. We wanted to take a look at professional image in a little more depth, however and, as such, have decided to look at just one aspect of this…events and exhibitions!

It’s still the case that new business leads can be generated at exhibitions and trade shows, however how well such events work for you is largely down to a number of things, the main ones being the image which you present and the staff who man your stand! One thing which there’s often a lot of confusion on, however, is what the best type of display stand is for you to utilise and below we’re going to take a brief look at the available options!

1. Banner Stands
Banner stands are ultimately the simplest form of display stands and are more suited to giving you a great brand presence in meetings and small conference rooms rather than at large scale exhibitions and trade shows. That’s not to say that banner stands don’t have their uses at larger events, as they can be a great addition to other stands and to utilise on stage if you’re speaking at a conference, however if you’re looking for something which really makes you stand out, it’s probably not this you’re after. Of course, for the right event banner stands are great and they’re something which every business should have to give that added presence in meetings and pitches!

2. Display Stands
The term display stands generally covers a whole host of different options with everything ranging from pop up display stands which give a great backdrop to your space at an exhibition through to iPad display stands which add that impressive interactive element to your stands, be that to offer something a little different or simply for data capture. There’s a wide range of available display stands to help make your exhibition experience unique and you’ll find a whole host of UK based supplies offering their own take on popular exhibition display systems. One of the most extensive ranges of display stands which we’ve come across recently is that from Zoom Display, a range which you can see here. If you’re looking for options for exhibiting, nothing beats being able to get everything you need from one main supplier, something which will inevitably save you both time and money in the long run!

3. Modular Exhibition Stands
If you’re looking for the most impressive type of stand for your next event, modular exhibition stands are without a doubt what you’re looking for! These are essentially able to be produced in a bespoke manner based on your own requirements and offer so much much than simply a graphic background for your event. The only limits are your imagination and the huge plus point with modular stands is that they’re able to be used over and over again! In the past it was only big brands who could afford such spectacular stands however with modular stands, the cost can be justified over numerous events and as such has made this impressive exhibition stand available to many more businesses!

Above all, when it comes to exhibiting at shows and conferences, your image is everything as first impressions really do count and, as such, using display and exhibition stands in a creative manner can go a long way to helping your business stand out and ultimately, towards you winning new business at each and every event!

Ever Considered Using Inflatable Advertising To Promote Your Business?

download (3)Before anything else, stop to think for just one moment the last time you REALLY paid attention to traditional advertising. Whether it’s print ads, TV ads, banner ads online or what, we’ve all become so immune to advertising that it takes something really special and different to stand out and make you pay attention. With so many companies doing the same thing when it comes to marketing and advertising their businesses, there’s only so much attention we pay when we see the same thing over and over again.

Next up, stop and think about the last time you actually told someone about an advert you’d seen. We’d hazard a guess that you can’t…simply because, as outlined above, we’re all so immune to advertising that we rarely pay enough attention to adverts ourselves!

If you’re a marketer of a product or a brand, this creates a real problem. In order to sell goods or services, people need to know you’re out there, however if no one is paying attention, how can you get them to do so? It’s a difficult task, however we believe we’ve found just the solution, all thanks to UK based inflatable advertising agency, Bloon!

Inflatable advertising has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of advertising and, in short, is a form of marketing which people will happily talk about! Imagine having your brand all over a hot air balloon flying above a popular event? It’s this kind of thing which gets people talking about your business and your brand and which helps you to grow your customer base! Marketing is all about getting your target market talking about what you offer and we believe there’s not many ways more innovative than this!

Inflatable advertising may be something that is still under-utilised, however as far as we are concerned, it offers fantastic brand building opportunities for marketers to utilise and, as far as doing something different goes, it’s well up there above the majority of over-used standard marketing approaches!

Looking To Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign?

If you’re responsible for marketing either your own or someone else’s business, you’re surely aware of the power of digital marketing approaches, however one of the still under-utilised approaches is email marketing. Whilst we all use our emails for business purposes every single day, too many of us are failing to use email marketing to grow our businesses and as a way to generate leads and enquiries. Why? Because too many assume growing an email list is too hard work and that, as such, there’s more time effective methods of marketing.

Whilst it certainly is the case that it takes time to grow your own email list and collect the data, it’s not the only option! So long as it’s high quality and opted-in data, have you considered buying a B2B email list from someone such as UK Business Lists? Such offerings are a fantastic option if you’re itching to get started with email marketing and understand the benefits of the approach but either don’t have data available or don’t have the time to wait whilst you build up your own database. Of course, it’s certainly the case that you should work on your own list as well, however in the meantime, targeted data available to purchase makes absolute sense!

When it comes to using your data, you need to make sure your email looks great and, if you’re not a great designer, you’ll be pleased to know that the likes of ThemeForest have over 700 ready designed templates available from just $6. With absolute giveaways such as this available, there’s no reason why you can’t be emailing out in no time at all, especially with great, easy to use e-marketing software such as Mailchimp.

If you’re not currently using email marketing to grow your business, it’s about time you took the time to look into it in a little more depth and got to grips with this VERY powerful approach!

Looking To Add Disabled Access To Your Premises?

Kee_Safety_Kee_Klamp_cast_iron_fittings_2For many businesses, it’s almost essential to add disabled access to your premises and, as such, many are continually looking for a solution which allows them to do so easily and quickly. At the very least, ramps and hand rails will need to be added and in some instances, a full disabled lift system will be required in order to comply with regulations and not be seen to discriminate against employees or customers. Regardless of whether you’re a retail business or offering services, it’s only right to give equal treatment to those who are disabled and, as such, it’s absolutely vital, as far as we’re concerned, to offer adequate disabled access.

One of the questions which you’re probably asking yourself, however, is the best way to do so cheaply, efficiently and quickly? In short, the best solution when it comes to railings, hand rails and barriers is Kee Klamp, however you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also a wide range of compatible systems including that from Fast Clamp. We strongly suggest that you consider taking the time to research into your exact needs and requirements initially, however when it comes to selecting a system which allows you to easily construct rails, you simply cannot go wrong with Fast Clamp (or Kee Klamp.)

When it comes to needing to install lifts, everything gets a little more complex, however if you do need to do this in your shop or premises, we suggest you simply get in touch with a specialist lift company (we’d recommend Stannah) and discuss with them your needs and requirements. Lifts are something far more complex than the simply installation of ramps and rails and something which we believe is best left to the professionals.

Above all, you have a duty to offer access to those who are disabled however, if you look in the right places and find the right solutions, it shouldn’t be too much hassle and should be something you’re proud to do!

The Rise Of The UK Payday Loans Industry

With just under 200,000 applications for payday loans in the UK in 2007, the UK has seen a phenomenal growth in the short term loans industry in the past 7 years, with over 2 million applications this last year. It’s an industry which, no matter where you turn, it’s hard to avoid it in some way or another…be it TV advertising, radio advertising or press advertising. It’s an industry which has been met with bad publicity on some fronts, however, on others, it’s provided hundreds of thousands of people a short term solution to their money worries…allowing them to get over any worries in the weeks running up to payday.

Companies such as have been a part of this substantial growth in the industry over the past 5 years into what’s notably the UK’s most advertised financial product at this current moment in time. The industry is now worth over a billion pounds in the UK alone and the birth of the companies came over from where they originated in the USA some years before.

What makes payday loans so attractive is the fact that it can often take weeks for a loan to be approved through your bank and, in many instances of financial emergencies, this is simply too long to wait. Many payday lenders can have money in a borrowers bank in just a few minutes and, when compared to the weeks it can take through traditional means, it makes perfect sense to go down the payday loans route. If a short term financial emergency comes up, having money in the bank in minutes as opposed to days (or weeks) is simply a far more attractive proposition!

Whilst we’ve seen such a substantial growth in the last 5 years, the industry looks set to continue at such a rapid rate of growth over the next 5 and it certainly doesn’t seem to be the case that payday loans are going to be disappearing from our advertising space any time soon!

Could A Healthcare Franchise Be The Business Opportunity You’ve Been Looking For?

images (2)If you’re one of those business people who is always on the lookout for new investments, it’s strongly suggested that you take a moment to consider and research into potential healthcare franchises currently available. For the sake of example, we’re going to take a look at the 247 PHC Nursing Franchise and the 247 PHC healthcare franchise, two franchises from just one provider offering a fantastic opportunity for those looking to launch a business into a rapidly expanding industry.

If we step back and take a look at why healthcare franchises are such an attractive proposition for investors, it’s important to understand the fact that our older population is increasing and increasing rapidly. It’s been predicted that over the next 20 years, the number of over 65’s looks set to increase by well over 50% and we must question whether or not the NHS can handle this in it’s current state. Whilst there’s no doubting the fact that the NHS will have to make some changes to accommodate such an increase in pensioners and those requiring a greater level of healthcare, this is almost certainly going to come in the form of increased budget allocations towards medical care. Will home care and nursing support be funded in the same way? It’s very unlikely and it seems only certain that there will be an increased reliance on private providers.

As an investor, such a reliance on private healthcare means new opportunities and it seems only fitting that the easiest way into the industry is to buy into a franchise. As an example, the previously mentioned 247 PHC has startup costs of just £16,000 and anticipates turnovers of around £300,000 in the first year alone.

As a keen investor, what are you waiting for? The demand is there so make sure you are!