Three Top Tips For Modernising Commercial Property

As far as modernising your commercial property goes, there’s many an argument for doing so! If your own business occupies the premises, you’ll present a far more professional image and increase the morale of your workforce and if you simply rent out the space, you’ll be in a position to command a higher level of rent. Of course, there’s certain things which you need to take into consideration, however and, as such, we’ve teamed up with commercial maintenance specialists, Wilkinson Maintenance, to bring you three top tips for modernising your commercial property.

1. First things first, always sit down with your contractors and put together a plan of action. What do you want to achieve with the modernisation? Is it simply a cosmetic overhaul or are you wanting to use this as an opportunity to restructure the internal space and make it a little more functional? Perhaps there’s things you’ve been wanting to change in there for years but haven’t been able to because of what a big job it is? Perhaps you’re looking to expand and see this as the perfect opportunity to add that extra space to your premises? Whatever your visions and goals are, sit down at the start of the project and define them clearly!

2. Second on our list is be realistic! Rome wasn’t built in a day and significant renovations do take time! You’ll need to have a plan in place to deal with any building work going on at your premises and that can often mean temporarily closing sections of retail space or relocating staff on a short term basis. If you look at it in the way that it’s a worthwhile investment and inconvenience, you’ll be in a far better position to put together a plan to ensure that the building work doesn’t affect day to day business and that things still run as smoothly as possible.

3. Thirdly, it always pays to consider the exterior as well. On so many occasions, it’s only the interior which is considered for modernisation and renovation but what about the outside? Never forget that the exterior is the first thing which potential customers or clients see and, if anything, should be held of at least equal importance. A new shop front or general overhaul could make the world of difference to your premises (or business) and now is the perfect time to do it. See this as an opportunity to completely overhaul both the inside and out of your space and that it will be a worthwhile investment. Don’t be the one who has a fantastic interior but no one understands that because of a let down exterior!

All in all, working with the right commercial contractors can help to ensure you are able to get the best out of your modernisation and that, at the end of the day, you end up with a premises which works for you and your business!

The Entertainment Options For Your Corporate Event

Anyone who has ever been involved with the organisation of a corporate event will know just how much work is involved. The venue has to be suitable and in the right location, the date has to be convenient so that people turn up and the catering has to be of a high standard to impress the guests. However, don’t overlook the importance of the entertainment. Get it right and it will mean the event is a success. Get it wrong and you could find people wishing they were elsewhere instead.

So, what are the different options open to you when organising this type of event? Well the most obvious one is probably a DJ; one who will play a variety of different types of music as well as requests to keep everyone happy. You could select a certain decade if that’s what you prefer, or take a look at a sample song list to make sure everyone’s taste is covered, adding or deleting anything you think would improve the event.

Of course the biggest impact will be created by booking a live band to really impress everyone. Live music creates an atmosphere like nothing else and the choice available to you will be huge. Minimise the chance of picking the wrong band by going through a music agency such as our favourites, A.T. Music Agency. They will have expert knowledge on what is required for your event and will be able to make their recommendations to you based on your requirements. You’ll be able to choose anything from classical music, jazz, or a tribute act to appeal to your guests. Pick for example a Michael Buble or Madonna tribute act and you’ll certainly have everyone joining in, or opt instead for a band that will play everyone’s favourite cover versions all night; you really can’t go wrong with a suitable live band.

Solving Your Business Storage Issues!

If you’re a brand new business just starting up, you ultimately have a lot of decisions to make. If you’re a products based business, as opposed to a service based business, the first problem which you’re likely to encounter is that of storing stock. It’s not uncommon for businesses in the current digital age to trade solely online, without business premises and, as such, run an e-commerce store from home. Whilst this can work absolutely fine when you’re selling only a handful of products, if you’re selling say a few hundred, stock issues can come around very quickly! You get fed up of tripping over boxes piled in your hallway and your bedroom looks more like a store cupboard than somewhere you sleep! Many of us have been there in the past when we first started our businesses, however one thing to consider is to rent a small storage unit.

You may think they’re simply for household storage needs when you’re moving house and the like, however self storage units which you can find within a few miles of almost any location in the UK, offer a fantastic solution when it comes to storing your business stock! You don’t simply have to use such units for domestic storage as most are more than happy to offer the same services to businesses.

To rent a small storage unit, it shouldn’t cost you much more than £10 per week (using our local firm The Self Storage Warehouse as a reference point) and as far as we’re concerned, it’s worth every penny! In addition to the fantastic prices of most units nowadays, the flexibility is also key to their attraction and as your business grows and your stock levels increase, you should be able to simply upgrade the size of your unit! Most won’t tie you in for more than a month and you’ll find that it’s a fantastic solution for solving your storage needs!

If you’re running an e-commerce store from home, why not contact your local storage unit (you can find a list on Compare The Storage) and give them a call to discuss your needs and requirements?

Is It Still Possible To Get A Credit Card If You’ve Got Bad Credit?

It happens to us all…the car breaks down or the boiler busts in the middle of winter and we’ve absolutely no money in the bank to pay for it! Even if it’s only a couple of hundred pounds, it can seem a fortune if you haven’t got it and if you urgently need to pay for repairs or similar, you often have no option other than to borrow! For most of us, that’s no issue at all, however what if we have bad credit history? Is it possible to still get a credit card or is the only option we are left with to take out a payday loan? Now we all know how much we should avoid payday loans but do we have any other option of borrowing if we have bad credit? We’ve spoken to leading family site My Family Club to see what the options are and to see more of their tips, visit their website here.

Above all, it’s important to understand that yes, you can get a credit card if you’ve got bad credit but you just need to know that it may be a little more difficult. You won’t necessarily get an instant decision on whether or not you can get a credit card and you may need to provide additional information when applying however in most circumstances, it is possible to still get a credit card. You don’t and shouldn’t opt for the payday loan option as, even though it my be quicker, it’s not a long term solution and you can end up in financial difficulties as a result of them! Seeking a credit card is a far better option and it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to find someone who’ll offer you a credit card, even if you do have bad credit!

It may be the case that you have to simply accept a lower limit and a higher rate of interest but in an emergency, this shouldn’t put you off applying for one when you need it an more often than not, you’ll find you have your credit card relatively quickly! Just be sure that you can afford the repayments and you’ll have nothing at all to worry about!

Why It’s Important To Use High Quality Drill Bits

While cheaper bits are easier on the budget at first sight, in the long run they may end up costing a lot more than you tried to bargain for with your project. You will want to not only get the best drill bit set you can afford, but you also want to get the right types of bits for the job. Not all bits are created equally, nor are they interchangeable for every project.

When you buy a cheap set at the a thrift store, you will get exactly what you are paying for and that is a set that may break off and damage your material or even cause serious injury. If the bits don’t break, you may end of with holes that are not “true”, meaning that they are misshapen holes that will not seat well for the fasteners and may not allow the parts joined together to come together correctly.

Now that you are aware of the potential pitfalls of getting cheap drill bits you need to learn what the different types of bits are created to do and why they are better suited to your projects.

If you are working with mild or annealed steel, you will want to have a cobalt drill bit that will create properly shaped holes and be strong enough to withstand the strength of the material you are working on and tolerate the heat that may build up during the project. Titanium bits are less expensive for those with a tighter budget and they will suffice for the project.

If you are working with hard steel, which is pretty rare among DIYers, you will want to use a good quality corded drill or drill press. Although corded drills have come a long way, they still are not strong enough for the job.

If you are working with wood either cobalt or titanium bits will work well. The main thing is to assure the bits are right for wood (or steel) because the tips for those materials are designed with sharpened tips or teeth. If you are working with glass or stone, you will want diamond tip bits that grind into the material rather than cut to avoid chipping or breaking the material.

You should always use variable speed drills to give you better control for your projects rather than high powered one or two speed drills that do not offer the kind of control you need to prevent damaging your project material. Also, make sure the bit size is appropriate for your drill according to manufacturer specs.

We brought you this guest post courtesy of the team at Orbital Fasteners, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of a range of products including Rotabroach cutters.

The Importance Of Getting Your Business Branding Right

As every business owner knows, it’s a very competitive world out there with numerous companies in your area chasing after the same business. So, how do you make sure you stand out from the others and increase your turnover?

One of the first things to consider is your business branding. Have you got it right and is it making you stand out to your potential customers? Take a look at what other companies are doing so you will get some idea of the kind of thing that is effective. A well designed logo or slogan for your company can say a lot about you so be careful to choose a design that gives the right impression to your target audience.

Now design is not everyone’s strong point, so if that is the case then make sure you choose a printer with the necessary design skills to help you create your printed material. Talk to them about your ideas and take a look at work they have already produced to get a feel for the quality of their material. Your printer will be happy to do this as they would much rather you were completely happy with the finished work so you can recommend them to others in the future.

Once you are happy with your promotional material you need to carefully target suitable customers. Leaflets and flyers are always a good way of advertising your business as everyone likes to have information that they can refer to at a later date if they are not going to use you at the present time. Make sure you have plenty of business cards produced at the same time as they are a handy size to slip into a handbag or wallet to refer to in the future.

With the right kind of branding, then who knows what your company can achieve.

This post was very kindly offered to us by the awesome team over at Circle Services, one of the UK’s most established print companies, having been trading for well over 60 years.

Running A Successful Business? You Deserve A Break Away! Why Not Book A Luxury Ski Holiday For This Winter?

Let’s face it: running a successful business is no small feat. No matter what type of business you have been in, being a boss or manager can be very stressful. And running the business yourself can be even more so. We know that you work very hard to keep your business going, and that you take pride in your skills to multitask, get things done, start projects, budget, manage, inspire workers, and more. But isn’t it about time you took a bit of time for you? Read on to learn more.

Treat Yourself Today!
Sometimes, opting for a vacation is not just a choice, it is a need. From time to time, everyone, no matter how successful, needs a period to recharge. This is especially true if you are working your hardest every day to keep your business going strong. Even if you currently do not have the ability to go on vacation, you can book your trip far in advance to clear out your calendar, let others know, move any important meetings, and set aside precious time for yourself to relax and recharge.

Great Destinations
Where do the powerful go for their stay? Why, a luxurious ski destination such as one of the luxury ski chalets offered by White Blancmange. A ski vacation packs it all into one experience. Here, you can relax, get some physical activity, enjoy nature in all its glory, meet new people, network informally, enjoy great food, have family fun or fun alone, and more. Leave all your cares behind and book a luxury ski holiday this upcoming winter. Skiing is not just a vacation, it is truly an experience. Come see why skiing is such a popular destination for the jet set by booking your vacation today.

Breathtaking Experiences
Perhaps you have never been on a ski vacation. Or, perhaps you have been once, but that time was so long ago that you barely remember it. Either way, breathtaking experiences await you on our mountains and slopes, no matter your age. Whether you simply want time to relax by the fire and enjoy a drink, or if you are all about getting out in the wild and being physically fit, a ski vacation can suit either choice equally well. For an even better time, think of coming with your family or friends. It will be a time you (and they) will never forget.

Top Tips For Reducing Stress Typically Associated With Business Travelling

imageNine times out of ten, the stress associated with business travelling all comes down to one thing…time! Whether its that you need to be at the airport at 3am for a 7am flight or that you’re having to wait hours for a taxi to come and pick you up on return…there’s always something which causes stress on business trips and more often than not it’s one of the above. As opposed to planning and going on a family holiday where you might have excited kids and an unconfirmed schedule adding to the stress levels, with business trips, you should hopefully have everything planned in advance in terms of a schedule and know exactly what you’re doing and when…it’s just a case of dealing with early flights and delays which can cause problems!

Of course, whilst there’s nothing that can be done to totally eliminate the chance of a business trip becoming stressful, there’s a number of things which you can do to ensure that things which you can control are in place to try and make the trip as easy to manage as possible! In short, these are things which you wouldn’t necessarily think of initially and, of a sort, all revolve around planning ahead!

First things first, whatever you do, make sure you book an airport hotel the night before you depart and, if arriving back into the country late, on the night of your arrival as well. There’s nothing more stressful than having to leave home at 4am to make an early morning flight, ensuing you’ve not forgotten anything and that you don’t get delayed in any way (trust us, it happens…even at 4am)! This can easily be combatted by booking a close by airport hotel, allowing you to make your way to the vicinity of the airport in your own time the night before, allowing you to relax and be assured that you’re not going to miss your flight due to delays. Until you experience a delay, you may not be able to appreciate quite how stressful it can be and similarly, until you’ve tried it, you probably won’t appreciate how much pressure an airport hotel booking can relieve from you. There’s some great airport deals to be had if you book in advance and book online and you certainly don’t need to be paying over the odds for the convenience of a night right on the doorstep of your departure airport.

Secondly, whatever you do, make sure you put together a full itinerary for your trip to ensure you know where you’re meant to be and when. Even the most organised of us can’t remember every detail in terms of where meetings are, when they are and how to get there! If its a conference your attending, remembering who’s speaking when can also be a nightmare to remember! By simply taking an afternoon out of your schedule before you depart to put together a full plan for your time away you’ll significantly reduce the stress which could typically mount up and always be confident that you know what you’re doing when, without having to rely on your memory or having to scramble through bits of paper or old emails.

In short, if you want to reduce the stress associated with business trips…plan, plan and plan some more! You’ve heard people stress the importance of being prepared and being organised and when it comes to travelling on business, this couldn’t be closer to the truth!

About The Author:

This post was kindly provided by the team over at, one of the UK’s leading resources for those looking to book airport hotels or airport parking in many of thecountry’s main airports.

Is SEO Dead?

A quite simple question which is often asked is whether or not SEO is dead. You’ll often hear on the online news and the like that Google have rolled out an algorithm update which has seen many businesses search engine ranking positions plummet, however what is never outlined is that these businesses were doing things which they shouldn’t have been… Using black hat SEO techniques which sit well against Googles webmaster guidelines. Such news articles often bring the assumption that SEO is dead and that it’s no longer a viable marketing method for businesses to be using. As an actual fact, however, SEO has never been more important for businesses to be undertaking in order to succeed online, it’s just that businesses must be doing the right type of SEO and ensuing that everything they do falls well within Googles guidelines! Google are like the police…work with them and they’ll be your best friends! Work against them, however, and they’ll make your life a misery!
Taking all of this into account, SEO certainly is NOT dead and in one respect has never been more alive! It’s important for all businesses that they have a strong online presence in order to succeed online and drive targeted and effective search engine traffic to their websites but as said above, this SEO needs to be white hat, organic and ethical.
When employing the services of an SEO company, be sure to question their techniques and approaches. We had a quick chat with the team at Speedy SEO in Essex who gave us the following advice: “when choosing an SEO agency, be sure to ask how they approach SEO. Do they still use spammy article spinning methods and the like or do they focus on creating high quality content which, in itself, can generate links and social shares? SEO in 2013 is far from dead, however it’s become more and more important to use natural and organic approaches to not only secure top positions but sustain them as well!”
SEO is certainly NOT dead, you just need to be a little more careful nowadays and make sure you work with Google as opposed to against them! You want Google to be your best friend, not your enemy!

Why A Landlord Needs To Choose Insurance Carefully

Many prospective landlords do not realize that one of their biggest and most important expenses will be landlords property insurance. Not only will you need to protect the structure itself, but also the things and people that dwell within it. This is why a landlord needs to choose insurance carefully, as there are a number of unique aspects that make it different from traditional home owner’s insurance.

The first reason why a landlord needs to choose insurance carefully is that there is a lot more risk involved with owning a rental. Renters often damage homes and apartments in ways that require repairs, leading to increased claims. Landlords will need an insurance policy that allows them to make claims on smaller damages without incurring extra charges or a big increase in rates.

Another reason to choose landlord insurance carefully is that it needs to provide more comprehensive coverage than a traditional policy. Landlords obviously need to be covered for the big things like fire and other natural disasters, but they will also need to be covered for wear and tear damages like broken windows, light fixtures, holes in walls and other small things that tenants often do.

Another reason to choose insurance carefully is to protect yourself against tenant theft. Many traditional policies only cover theft if it happens during a forced burglary. Since tenants often run off and steal things like furniture or TV’s, it is vital to choose a policy that covers the cost of tenant theft. Otherwise the landlord will be stuck paying for new things if one of their tenants happens to rob them.

A landlord is also taking on a large responsibility by allowing people to live in one of their properties. If some awful accident occurs the landlord could even find his or herself being held accountable for loss of life or other injuries. If something terrible does happen, having the right insurance coverage will be vital, as it could prevent the landlord from civil action in the case of injury or death.

There are many reasons why a landlord needs to choose insurance carefully. Being a landlord is not the same as simply owning a house, as there are additional things to cover and be aware of. Choosing the right insurance will not only save the landlord money, but will also protect them against damages to their dwelling. Doing research and making the correct choice is vital if you want to get the most out of your rental.